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Bamboo Propagation

Well there are three ways to propagate bamboo that the average person can enjoy. They involve growing from seed, plant division and vegetative propagation. Most gardeners are familiar with these techniques since many plants in the plant kingdom are propagated using these methods.

Since bamboo rarely flowers except when it's life cycle is complete, there is not much bamboo seed to propagate new bamboo plants. However, if you have a chance to get some seed and it germinates you could have a new clone on your hands that could be way different than the parent plant, which could be both good and bad.

Propagating bamboo through division simply involves selecting the section of bamboo plant you wish to transplant, then using a shovel digging that section out and planting it in the new location. Some bamboos have a thicker rhizome structure, an if so more aggressive tools may be needed, such as a sawzall, prybar, and maybe even a backhoe!

Vegatative propagation of bamboo involves using part of the parent plant to produce a new plant. This usually is also called cloning since the plant produced will be identical to the parent bamboo. There are several ways of accomplishing vegetative propagation including culm cuttings, branch node cuttings and whole culm burial. It's been said that some bamboos will also grow roots using aerial rooting, but I have not had much experience with this area. Also, vegetative propagation of bamboo mostly pertains to the tropical clumpers and not any of the running bamboos.

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