eastern red cedar seedlings for sale

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Eastern red cedar seedlings

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Eastern red cedar seedling description
Also known as Juniperous virginiana, this evergreen tree is actually not a true cedar but a juniper. The eastern red cedar is a common sight throughout the midwest and eastern United States. It's dense, pyramidal shape make it an excellent choice for windbreaks or hedges, and of course they look great as a stand alone landscape specimen. Growing at a moderate rate, the eastern red cedar will will reach heights of 50', can withstand occasional flooding and is drought tolerant.

You will be purchasing 2 year old seedlings that average 6-12" in height. They will be carefully packaged to ensure they arrive healthy and ready to plant.

2 to 9
25 for $42
50 for $75
100 for $122
500 for $420
1000 for $725
eastern red cedar picture

Shipping begins mid-April once the frost is out of the ground. All plants are shipped bare root from my father's nursery in Midwestern Wisconsin. Please understand that commiting to a shipment date before this time frame just is not possible, however, if mother nature is kind and the ground thaws early then the trees will ship early. Every effort is made to ensure the plants you receive are healthy and ready to plant. However, it is impossible to guarantee planting results. Weather, soil conditions, insects and proper planting all play a part in successful growth.

We are not responsible for the plants health if you choose to order a plant that will simply not grow or survive in your area based on the pictured zone map. Please order responsibly.

To place an order please call the nursery directly at

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